Hello, my name's Lynn High and I have written three biographies of  my combat experiences in the Vietnam War. 

 They all focus on my training to be a fighter pilot and my combat  activities during two tours flying the F-100 "Super Sabre" and the F-4  "Phantom II.The newest, Combat Jet Pilot, is shortened to 270 pages, is  rated "PG-13," and it only contains my flying experiences and a trip to Japan.

 Whiskey Women & War is an "R" rated version sharing how I twice  lost the woman I loved as well as meeting exotic Asian ladies of the  night in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand. It is 350 pages.

 Born to  be a Warrior is my original biography published in 2015. It  too is rated "R" and is 600 pages.  

 My second career was in sales where I became a master salesman  winning national awards many times over. The Accidental  Insurance  Agent details the ups and downs that occurred to me.

 It shows how to I used humor and direct statements to induce a buyer  to say yes. I outline dozens of examples from actual sales meetings.

 If you're in any form of commissioned service this book will  give you  tips and ideas to increase your closing ratio to earn even more.

 Do you want to be rich? Nearly everyone does but less than 5% of  Americans ever see that kind of money.

 Pay Yourself First has been a guide for thousands of readers since  1984. It contains three  secrets of wealth that have lasted for   centuries as well as how to apply them to build your wealth. 

 Buying this book is not an expense; it is an investment.  

 The Ten Commandments of Wealth is a companion to Pay  Yourself   First and when taken together these two books provide all you     need to  know to accumulate wealth over your lifetime. 

 Please use tabs at the top of the page to learn more about each book.

Sincerely, Lynn O. High, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (retired)